Ticket validity

One day ticket is valid for the whole day - on the day of purchase. This means that you can stay in our Museum until it closes.

Additionally, you can go out and return to the Museum at any time - but if you do this - enter your name on the ticket - you may be asked to show a ticket and an ID document with your name when you return.

Interactive and Historical Exhibition

Our Museum is, to a large extent, an Interactive Exhibition. This means that you can enjoy all available games, computers and consoles - which we strongly encourage. The easiest way to learn about Old Games and Computers is simply by using them!

In addition, in Cabinets you will find nearly a hundred monuments of retrofromatics and video games - with most you will find basic information. If you want to learn more - use this application.

Arcade Machines

The vending machines in the Museum operate in Free to Play mode - don't throw coins into them , just look for the Start or other button marked by us in this way. If the game does not start in the Slot Machine - ask the staff for help.

Pinball (Flipper)

Our pinball is a very old machine - so please treat it with due respect: do not lean on the handle to start the ball, do not bend it, do not hit the buttons on the grips (they will not work either faster or harder) and do not shake the table.

Sometimes it may happen that this machine loses the ball (it will get stuck somewhere) - please call the service.

Desktop Computers and Consoles

Most devices are very easy to use. To start the game, usually press the button marked as Start (marked by the manufacturer himself or by us) or press the Fire button on the pad / joystick.

Console and computer controllers are durable, but not indestructible - so please be restrained and not overdoing them too much.

In the event of a freeze or other problems - please call us. Do not turn on the turned off equipment yourself, plug / unplug cables or change game media.

Mobile Games

You can find Mobile Games at various places in the Museum. Please do not move them to other places. These are also the only games you can turn off yourself when you finish playing them (because they are battery powered).

Hi mobile consoles are quite interesting and not obvious games - so if you don't know how to play with them - ask for explanation of the rules.

Books and Newspapers

The books and newspapers you will find in the Museum are intended to be read. You can sit back and immerse yourself in reading. Don't forget to put your books / newspapers back in later.

The creators of the Museum

The museum is our hobby and we like to talk about it, its monuments, games and old times. So if you want to hear some stories - don't be afraid to talk to us. Also report any problems, comments and ideas without fear!


The toilet in our Museum is behind these red doors. You don't need a key for it - if it's locked, i.e. it's busy. The light is turned on with the switch outside - by the door.