Video Consoles Zone

In this zone you will find the full spectrum of the most important and the most interesting video game consoles - starting from the market pioneers - Magnavox Odyssey from 1972 and Atari Pong from 1973 (the so-called first generation), through the second generation consoles (including their first representative - Fairchild Channel F from 1976, and the most popular Atari 2600 from 1977), the third generation (e.g. NES from 1983 and Sega Master System from 1985), the fourth generation (e.g. SNES from 1990 and Sega Mega Drive from 1988), the fifth generation (e.g. Nintendo 64 from 1996 and Sony PlayStation from 1994), and finally ending with the sixth generation (e.g. Nintendo GameCube from 2001).

Among the exhibits, you can also find some other machines - less known, but equally interesting, and often quite unusual, such as the VCR-based Action Max, or the Pegasus - a cult machine that sparked the console revolution in Poland.

Magnavox Odyssey
Magnavox, 1972
Atari, 1975
Pong Clones
Nordmende Telepay
Nordmende, 1976
Atari 2600
Atari, 1977
Fairchild Channel F
Fairchild, 1977
Tele-Games Pinball Breakaway
Atari/Sears , 1977
Mattel, 1979
Interton VC 4000
Interton, 1979
SHG Black Point
TVG 2000
Schmid, 1982
Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo, 1983
Nintendo Famicom
Nintendo, 1983
Videopac+ G7400 console
Philips, 1983
Nintendo Famili Basic
Nintendo, 1984
Atari 2600 Junior
Atari, 1986
Atari 7800
Atari, 1986
Sega Master System
Sega, 1986
Action Max
Worlds of Wonder, 1987
PC Engine
NEC, 1987
Sega Mega Drive
Sega, 1988
Sega Mega Drive II
Sega, 1988
Super Nintendo Entertanment System
Nintendo, 1990
Amiga CD32
Commodore International, 1993
Sega Saturn
Sega, 1994
Nintendo 64
Nintendo, 1996
Sony PlayStation
Sony, 1996
Sony PlayStation (PS One)
Sony, 2000
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo, 2001