What would video games be without controllers to control them with? And we're not talking about keyboards here, of course! The first popular controllers were turning knobs that allowed control of Pong paddles. Later, joysticks (made popular by Atari 2600 console) appeared and - you could say - the game was on! The next step in controller development was a mouse. The first prototype was built as early as in the 1960s, but it was the computers like Amiga, Atari ST, Apple or PC that have have introduced it permanently to our homes, and our games.

In this zone, you can also find other, a bit more strange contraptions - like glove controllers, maracas, drums or a fishing rod. When it comes to controllers - the human imagination definitely knows no limits.

Konami , 1991
PC Helmet UR-F90
The Glove (SLEH-00012)
Reality Quest, 1998
Competition Pro
Quickjoy II SV-124
Spectravideo, 1982+
QuickShot Aviator 3
QuickShot, 1992
Fishing Controller
Sega, 1999
Evolution Motion Sensitive Control System
Gamester , 1999
Namco, 1995
NES Advantage
Nintendo, 1987
Qtronix Trackball
Qtronix, ~1990
Commodore Amiga, ~1985
DK Bongos
Nintendo, 2003
Trackball Scroll Track 4D
Quickshot QS-150 Intruder 3
QuickShot, ~1992
Samba de Amigo Maraca
Sega, 1999
Ultra Racer
Performance, 1997