The mid-1970s and early 1980s were very interesting from the point of view of the computer revolution. This is the time when one of the first Apple I home computers was created. The Museum presents a replica of this computer and copies from a series of subsequent models from the '80s (Apple II, III, Lisa) and the' 90s and early '2000 - at a permanent exhibition devoted to this computers and their creators.

The exhibition of Apple computers was prepared and made available to our Museum by

Apple I replica
Apple, 1976
Apple II
Apple, 1977
Apple II
Apple, 1977
Apple III
Apple, 1980
Apple, 1983
Apple IIc
Apple, 1984
Apple IIGS
Apple, 1986
Macintosh Portable
Apple, 1989
Apple, 1993
Newton MessagePad 110
Apple, 1994
Power Macintosh G3
Apple, 1997
Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh
Apple, 1997