Polish Computers

Although Polish IT was very well developed, there were not many computers and home consoles produced in Poland. Of course, there were exceptions. In our collection you can find, for example, the Elwro 800 Junior - an educational computer which shares the enclosure design with the Elwirka music keyboard, or the only mass-produced Polish console - TVG-10 and one of the first Polish PCs - Elwro 801 AT.

Apart from that, many interesting computer accessories were produced in Poland, including expansion cards, cartridges, and joysticks. The Polish company Matt keeps producing joysticks and gamepads to this day (these are the colorful joysticks that you can play with at the Museum).

Z.E. Elwro / Ameprod, 1979
Z.E. Elwro, 1982
Elwro 800 Junior
Z.E. Elwro, 1986
Elwro 801 AT
Z.E. Elwro, 1986
Unipolbrit 2086