Arcade Machines

These gaming machines were extremely popular in the West, practically from the very beginning of their existence (starting with the PONG machine from 1972). In Poland, you could find them in the so-called Game Saloons. They were usually located at railway stations and tourist resorts. Mobile ones were also very popular - machines were put in specially modified trailers, and traveled with amusement parks or were parked near schools and housing estates.

Our collection includes several machines - like Asteroids Deluxe from 1981 or Arkanoid from 1986. Unlike in the old days, you don’t have to insert any coins to play!

Asteroids Deluxe
Atari, 1981
Namco, 1981
Taito, 1986
Flying Shark
Toaplan/Taito, 1987
Turbo Outrun
Sega, 1989
Sega Stand
Sega, 1990
Street Fighter II
Capcom, 1991
Namco, 1994
Indy 500
Sega, 1995
Super Sidekicks 3
SNK, 1995
Metal Slug
Namco, 1998