Who wouldn’t like to be able to take their favorite game anywhere? There’s always been a whole range of games designed to be able to travel with us. At first, these games were powered manually by the player, or by force of gravity. Later, wind-up mechanisms were introduced.

The breakthrough came with the electrical batteries. In the beginning, they powered the mechanisms and motors. Later, in portable games, electronics screens gained popularity, and the games themselves became more and more feature-rich, slowly evolving into miniature versions of stationary video consoles.

Mobile Tetris
Electro-Mechanical Games
Chinese Games
Galaxian Mini Arcade
Coleco, 1981
Game & Watch
Nintendo, 1981-1991
Game & Watch Clones
Elektronika, 1981-1991
Frogger Mini Arcade
Sega / Coleco, 1982
Game Boy
Nintendo, 1989
Sega Game Gear
Sega, 1990
Atari Lynx
Atari, 1991
Bandai, 1996